Installations & sculptures

Sculptures and Installations

Baby, recycled textile, Interactive sculpture, 2020


Skull, recycled textile, sculpture, 2020

skull skull

"Äiti/Mother", recycled material, sculpture, 2020

 äiti  äiti

"Milk it and Milk it 2", silk screen prints on space sheet, silk screen prints, 2020

milk it milkit2

"Good day for democrazy", recycled material, Interactive multimedia Installation, 2018

 democrazy  democrazy  democrazy  democrazy

The Wheel of Fortune, resycled material, Interactive sculpture, 2017

poster close up flag example

Beat box, recycled material, Interactive sculpture, 2017

poster close up close up beatbox

Leftover, recycled material, painting waste, Interactive sculpture, 2017


I CHOOSE YOU!, sound and recycled plastic, Interactive installation, 2017

poster pokemon2

TUT TUT!, recycled material, Interactive sculpture, 2016

poster poster poster

Bad hair days, sound and recycled material, 2016

hairday1 hairday1

Keep away from fire! recycled material and sound, 2016

detail keep away1 keep away2

How to build a reality star?, Interactive textile Installation, 2015

person trying out person trying out person trying out

Twelve cake makers, Interactive painting installation, 2015

on the dark on the light


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